Looking into hair loss solutions does not make you vain. It is a solution to replacing/restoring what is lessoning or once was.

Why shouldn’t you look and feel your best? and at any age!

But what are the big motivating factors that drive us to want to look our best?

Well, when it comes to major reasons – the most popular motivation is to feel good about ourselves.

Self-esteem is one of the basic human motivators.

People need both esteem from others as well as inner self-respect which carries through to success, relationships and much more.

So why does hair loss often hit men/women so hard?

David Fenton, of the British Association of Dermatologists, says “People create confidence and self-esteem from hair, and when they lose even a little bit, if their character and confidence is based on that, they’re going to have severe emotional and psychological impacts,” he says.

But is the pain some men/woman feel about balding new or has it always existed?

So Why Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp micro pigmentation (SMP) is a treatment for both men and women which can boost confidence, and although seems a basic change, when done correctly, can make a world of difference in the eyes of the recipient without being obvious or standout noticeable.

This is quite an emotional experience for both client and myself as a practitioner when completed.  There is no greater reward than seeing someone look in the mirror with a massive grin and excited by their reflection.

What SMP can do for you?

SMP means waking up in the morning with a natural and restored look.

Not having to adjust your remaining hair or camouflaging to create fullness.

It means looking in the mirror to a restored hairline and front to back camouflaged, replicated stubble which may only need a quick clip rather than putting on a cap.

When considering a hair loss solution, Scalp micropigmentation is relatively inexpensive for the time it takes a qualified practitioner to achieve the end result.

When maintained properly by a client, it is a long term solution which will go undetectable and make you feel the way you deserve for years to come.

Take time in choosing a professional when considering Scalp micropigmentation.

You will wonder why you have not had it done sooner…..

Written by Anita Gardso, Scalp Micro Pigmentation practitioner-Brisbane.

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