Occasionally we are asked about our Scalp MicroPigmentation treatment and if it can be applied to facial stubble hair. The answer is yes, absolutely.

This treatment is designed to disguise and camouflage balding patches on the beard, through to full facial stubble treatments.

The technique is similar to the one we use on the scalp, however, more artistic ability is required for stubble treatments to achieve the very best, natural result.

We can replicate existing stubble into patches of alopecia which commonly appears in the beard area, or implant pigment and treat skin that is grafted to the face with clearance from your doctor or surgeon who performed your surgery.

With SMP facial stubble treatment there is no medication, no waiting for hair transplant grafts to grow and no creams or camouflaging products.

This is a fast and easy way to add ‘hair’ to a patchy beard by using pigments which gives the illusion of more hair which involves three short sessions.

Our lead practitioner Caitlin James performs facial micropigmentation treatment once an initial consultation is completed and medical clearance given if required.