Have you undergone an SMP treatment that didn’t go quite right? We can help with Scalp MicroPigmentation Repair and Retouching.

Scalp MicroPigmentation Repair. Unfortunately, from time to time we are contacted by clients seeking help to correct a procedure that both they – and our technicians – call below acceptable standards.

This may be due to poor blending or an unnatural hairline. Sometimes these mistakes are subtle and some too obvious but every client has the right to professional treatment.

We will advise if your treatment requires laser therapy for removal or if a repair session will give you the correct treatment.

Tattoos do fade over time, speak to one of our friendly techs to arrange a Scalp Micropigmentation Re-Touch.

Scalp MicroPigmentation Re-Touch

SMP is indeed a permanent procedure, but with all tattoos they do fade over time. With Micropigmentation you can expect the inks to be absorbed and metabolised by the body quite quickly (12-18 months).

Carbon based products take the body a long time to break down, most clients return 3 to 5 years later for our re-touch session.