Transitioning from wearing a wig, toupee, hair system or hair unit to the appearance of a full head of stubble hair using Scalp MicroPigmentation.

So, you have had a hair system or wig for years and now you want to stop. Summer is coming, and you can’t go another year? We hear the stories of feeling trapped – everybody knows you with this ‘hair’ – you can’t just take it off, everyone will notice!

We have a specific program in place just for you. Make a consultation time to speak to our lead practitioner Caitlin James who can access your scalp’s condition beneath your hair unit and give you tips and tricks to prepare the skin ready for treatment.

We do a lot of ground work before you even shave your head down ready for when the timing is right.

The process of transition can take longer than average if the scalp has been covered for many years. Scalp MicroPigmentation is a great way to make it look as if you have simply shaved off your hair.

Join the many guys who have undergone one of our hair unit to SMP transformations.

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