One common question that pops up in all our consultations is ‘Is Scalp MicroPigmentation Painful?’

While most clients find it quite ok, there are some that feel the treatment more than others. We best describe the feeling as ‘Annoying’ rather than ‘Painful’ and most clients sit through the session without any breaks. It feels like a ‘Zing’ feeling – as soon as the pigment speck is delivered to the very top layers of the Dermis in the skin, the needle is out of the skin. It is a super quick process that is replicated thousands times as the result is being created over three initial sessions creating amazing and results. 

We offer breaks should the client wish to stand and stretch during the session and our clients often watch a movie to help with passing the time, listen to their favourite playlist or have a good old chat. 

If you are particularly concerned with how the treatment will feel for you – please discuss this with your practitioner so we can make the process as comfortable as possible for you. If you would like to book a consultation, please phone our clinic number or contact us with an online form.

Transcript from the video:

Hi Everyone, I’m Caitlin James from Scalp MicroPigmentation Australia, and today I thought I would cover another frequently asked question, which is ‘How Does Scalp MicroPigmentation Feel during the treatment process?’ So when we ask our clients, ‘How does Scalp MicroPigmentation feel?’ they tell us it feels about a 3/10 o the pain score, which is more annoying than it is painful. We generally start in the front of the scalp and treat further back during the later part of the session, which is a more comfortable area. So we get the uncomfortable areas of the treatment process out of the way first and then we end the session in the crown area. During the treatment our clients normally sit back and relax and watch a movie on Netflix or listen to their favourite playlist so that we can help pass the time. 

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