Claudia Leahy from Scalp MicroPigmentation Australia – Melbourne, talks about her time developing as an experienced Scalp MicroPigmentation Artist.

I see a lot of practitioners that have come from various career backgrounds before entering the Scalp MicroPigmentation world; and I think the one thing all the successful techs have in common is their attention to detail. Whether that evolves from the precision and accuracy of a barber’s hands, a painters eye for making a plain painting into a masterpiece, or a graphic artist drafting up their fiftieth logo design; a history in being meticulous and perhaps just a little bit OCD comes in handy in this line of work.

My background in make-up and realism artwork has played a major role in developing my skill for SMP here in Melbourne. I remember as a child lining up my animal toys and drawing their form from real life. My mum couldn’t help but notice I didn’t want to copy flat images I saw straight from a book; I had to find ways to interpret light and dimension in hand drawn pictures.

One thing that always fascinates me is the imperfect inconsistencies that make up the look of a REAL hairline; one that does not draw attention (by looking fake) because its irregularities make it authentic. It is this style I love to recreate because it is such a challenge to try to mechanically mimic something that has been manufactured effortlessly by nature. And just as human hands and faces are difficult to draw (because we look at them so often every day); a human hairline is tough to replicate because of its obvious visibility and familiarity.

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