Scalp MicroPigmentation or Hair Tattooing for Women

A fast and effective hair loss solution for Female Pattern Hair Loss – Although women’s treatments are not yet as popular as men’s hair density effect, this year 2020 is proving to fast becoming a more popular option for women looking to add the look of density to their thinning hair.

Scalp MicroPigmentation has been used for 10+years to add the look of a fuller head of hair to thinning hair in women both young and old. By adding colour to the base of hair  in the scalp, we reduce how much skin is showing through the thinning hair. By reducing the contrast, it fast creates the look of fuller head of hair. The procedure is completed over two main sessions with a third to add extra density in more advanced hair loss cases. The Process takes anywhere from 1 to 4 hours per session which there are three sessions delivered weekly. It is important to not put too much pigment in per session to avoid excess inflammation causing the pigment to blur and spread. Each session the result will become darker and fuller. We have lots of information on our Long Hair Female Density page to become well informed about this procedure.

Preparation for this treatment is easy:

  • Decide which area is most important, either a part line and hairline, the top third area or from ear to ear and back past the crown to allow flexibility and a overall effect
  • Colour your hair in the days leading into your first session as there will be a waiting period before it is safe to colour the hair again, this will be discussed at your consultation
  • Wash your hair the morning of the treatment and arrive with clean dry hair with no scalp oil build up
  • Avoid washing hair for the 5 following days after a treatment, heavy exercise, swimming or having excess sun exposure on the scalp if the hair is very thin

Many ladies enquiring about their thinning hair treatments are curious about his this procedure feels. Most ladies find the procedure annoying but not overly painful. We cover this topic in a separate blog post called Is Scalp MicroPigmentation Painful?

The effects can certainly help ladies with thinning hair create a fuller effect – we have many before and after photos of our own results that can be shown in a consultation. Each lady had different reasons for undergoing SMP, perhaps to add a bit of extra density to longer hair, avoid or delay the use of a wig or hair topper, or to feel more confident in the appearance. Typically, we see a lot more darker hair ladies looking into this option but it can be for those with lighter coloured hair including grey and white.

If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information regarding our hair density effect treatment by filling out the form below.

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