Jacob’s Hair Transplant and Scalp MicroPigmentation Result

Hair Transplant HELP! Have you had a hair transplant that isn’t looking quite like you thought it would? Would you like to add some density to the graft area to make it look thicker?

With the hair transplant industry continuously increasing, more and more guys are undergoing these procedures here in Australia and overseas. There are many guys that come through looking at Scalp MicroPigmentation after a hair transplant; sometimes straight after it is done and sometimes 15 to 20 years later! We can help everyone. We can camouflage hair transplant scars as well as add density to long transplanted hair.  We can successfully treat clients who have undergone multiple or very large hair transplant procedures to create a fuller look to over harvested donor areas. Jacob came to us when he started looking into a procedure that would add a fuller look to his successful hair transplant procedure, and camouflage both his FUE and FUT scars to his donor area, allowing him to wear his hair shorter. We completed three sessions of Scalp MicroPigmentation to his hair transplant area which has instantly made the area look thicker and fuller – now freeing him of wearing daily hair thickening fibres which stopped him enjoying activities such as swimming, and exercising. If you haven’t heard of SMP before, we have clinics in Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane. We have helped hundreds of guys who are looking to make their hair transplants look thicker, we hold free consultations.

Jacob shares his experience about his hair transplant journey then his successful SMP procedure. We hope you like his video!

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