Changing your life from wearing a wig, toupee or hair system to Scalp MicroPigmentation

We quite often find men who have been wearing a hair system, wig or toupee for years who feel trapped and want to get rid of it. But…. how do you get rid of a nice thick head of ‘hair’ to reveal thin hair, no hair or scars lying beneath? You might be thinking ‘Won’t everyone know I was then wearing a wig? Honestly… yes…. probably if you then simply take it off and clip the hair. But what if we had a solution to make it look like you simply shaved your hair to make it look like you no longer wanted to have long hair?

Scalp Micropigmentation can do just that. SMP as it is also know as, or more simply… Hair tattoo is a way we can make it look like you have a full head of shaven hair. The best part is that once the procedure is completed, there is no monthly hair-cuts needed from ‘inhouse specialists hairdressers’ who spend an hour or so clipping, re-gluing, colouring hair. There is no maintenance for 3-5 years with SMP, all you need to keep your hair short and come for a complimentary yearly check-up to make sure the SMP looks as good as possible.

We have many tips and trick just for our special transitioning clients that want to move for a hair system or piece over to SMP. The way we have come up with our transitioning process can explained at a consultation.

Things to consider and start with if you are looking at getting rid of the wig….

  1. Move from using a glue to tape. This will be surely annoying but necessary during the change over process. It will allow you to take the piece off at home, scrub the scalp, moisturise the scalp and prep the skin as much as possible. Moving to tape can allow you to take the piece off and get small amount of sun often. Getting the skin that has been hiding under a wig for a while is usually a bit ‘jelly like’ it can have some damage to the skin from repetitive glue application, and is usually white from no sun exposure.
  2. Scrubbing the skin regularly will toughen up the skin back to regular condition and remove the build up of skin that tends to be there from years of hair piece wearing. The monthly haircuts should remove most of the dead skin each month but the reality is – our clients who come off wearing the system and shave their hair for the first time ALWAY have a thick build up of skin that needs to be exfoliated off. This build up is usually towards the back of the head where the hair is thicker.
  3. Allowing the skin to recover from the repetitive glue applications – some skins build up a sensitivity to the glue and is quite inflamed and red. Others have presented with blisters and minor infections needing medical attention first. Some clients are unaware of the sores or blisters as they are not shown their scalp condition at the hair-cut appointments and are not sure what condition there scalp is in.
  4. Getting some sun. Getting a little bit of sun often will certainly help the skin return back to normal condition. The colour of the skin is usually very pale after being under the system for a while and getting a bit or sun will ensure the transition process will go smoothly and the scalp return back to normal colour.

We have a podcast full of interviews with guys that have been down the hair system path and transitioned over to SMP. If you would like to listen to an interview with clients of ours who have been through this process, please hot onto your favourite podcast channel such as anchor, Spotify to listen to: 

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