For early thinning or balding, styling manipulation is the first step taken by many eg. comb-forward or bouffant or styling over a scarred Alopecia Areata area.

Alopecia, Alopecia Areata, Alopecia Totalis or female genetic unpatterned Alopecia generally reflect reduced hair densities by different degrees and distribution.

Camouflage for Alopecia

Styling options evolve over a long period of time as hair loss increases. Many Caucasians with chronic Alopecia may change their hair colour from dark to light, effectively reducing the contrast between a dark hair colour and a lighter skin colour. These changes can camouflage and diffuse areas of localised Alopecia.

Many temporary concealers such as hair fibres interact with everyday life whether it be shedding on clothing or bedspreads, running in the rain or with perspiration. These can become costly over a period of time.

Alopecia Reductions

Alopecia Reductions – these scars usually appear in many different shapes across the top of the scalp – applying Scalp Micropigmentation to these scars can camouflage them, giving the patient hair freedom again.

Alopecia Universalis is the name given to total hair loss.

Alopecia Universalis & Totalis

SMP can give back a patient’s confidence – recreating a new hairline and shape over the whole scalp.

This is a large area to cover – multiple sessions are required to complete comfortably for both the client and hair tech.

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